There is so much to tell about this genuinely unique Spirit!
Her ancestry is nearly as diverse as her wisdom. Sakina is of the Lakota (Sioux), Choctaw-Cherokee and Anglo heritage family tree.

Sakina Blue-Star has done Blessing Ceremonies in Hawaii, Canada, Europe and at pyramids in Egypt and Mayan Mexico. Her list of Blessing Ceremonies is long and quite diverse!

With Cherokee Elder Thundercloud, she has performed Medicine Wheel ceremonies at the World Peace Prayer gathering in New York, Cape Cod, Arizona, as well as at the Vermont retreat of the Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, and the Illinois Trading Post of Billie Topa Tate, both teachers of Tibetan wisdom as well as their Cherokee and Apache traditional history and ways.

Therefore, it is not surprising that she has also conducted them at the great stone circles of Avebury, England, and in a crop circle on the hill next to it. Last but not least, was a Druid Full Moon ceremony at Stonehenge.

Her speaking engagements have included being a keynote speaker at the Regional Conference of Dr. Heather Harder, (author and US Presidential candidate in 19996 and 2000).

Sakina has spoken at the L.A., Denver, and Santa Fe EXPOs, as well as the Star Knowledge conferences in Arizona. If you are looking for the unusual, she’s your girl!

Her repertoire covers teachings, Yavapai Maiden’s Dance, (the dance of the Yavapai Maiden showing how these Spiritual Guardians of Arizona lived in times past). Other dances among several to mention is the Narragansett Fish Dance. Her spectrum of interests includes walkings, E.T.’s and U.F.O.s, Ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. If you are wanting to hear of Magical Sedona – legends and lore, don’t get her started unless you’re seated comfortably!

For those of you with a deeper interest, she can astound you with her knowledge of underground cities, early Egyptian culture, Tibetan, Mayan and extensive Hopi connections.

She has been doing Blessing Ceremonies for two decades in Sedona, Arizona (known as the Crystal City of Light in Lemurian times), a place Sacred to all the tribes of Turtle Island (North America).

Sakina has been a requested speaker from conferences and Expos to home gatherings. She speaks on Native American wisdom and ways. She speaks of Star People and ancestors. She speaks of the history and prophecy of Sioux, Cherokee and Hopi Nations. On top of all this she speaks of the Sacred Sedona – a Mystic Mecca. In jest, Sakina just loves to talk! However, it is never done without the dispensing of knowledge, wisdom, and her fast paced humor!

Grandmother (respected Elder) Sakina Blue-Star is more than capable of sitting and sketching you out a portrait of Ancestor Spirits and the Star Nation People, while simultaneously bringing through messages of them for you.

Among her accomplishments, Sakina is also the author of a self published book ‘Little Dove.’ This book elaborates on her Lakota Ancestor, and about her Sioux heritage. Just as interesting, is the story behind the story, about how she discovered and uncovered all these truths.

Sakina is a keen collector of a vast number of artifacts, folk art and dolls of all People. (I for one, certainly can testify to this).

Grandmother Sakina received a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Rev. Dr. Alice Bowers, in Phoenix, Az. She is also ordained into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek.

Need more diversity? As a CNA, she assisted her physician husband in many home-births in the Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts area.

To her family, she is known as a mother to her two sons and two daughters. To her four grandchildren in Aspen, Colorado and Denmark, she is Grandmother!

In my coming to know my dear friend Grandmother Sakina, I have learned she has been told by the Galactic Guardians that she is to be “A Rainbow Bridge – between Peoples.”

No one is happier than Sakina, to share what she has learned and experienced from her many friends of Wampanoag, Hopi, Diney (Navaho) and various other tribal Nations.

She continues to lead an extremely interesting life. She is an expert Storyteller, and her humor and intellectual insight and wit are extremely engaging to say the least.

Here are more of her extraordinary experiences! She has flown her father’s planes, ridden her horses and met with some of the most outstanding and interesting people. Here are just a few of them – Dr. Martin Luther King in D.C., Selma, Atlanta and Boston. From the musical scene she has met John Denver and Willie Nelson, in Colorado.

She joined the Purification Ceremonies (sweat-lodge) with Lakota Elder Wallace Black Elk in Arizona, Colorado and in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

Have I mentioned she met with top comedians Flip Wilson and Dick Gregory in Texas and Arizona? Sakina claims she can tell you some very funny stories about these two characters.

Sakina Blue-Star, is well educated in Lakota, Cherokee and Hopi customs. She can teach of the traditional ways from birth to marriage and crossing over to the other side. Well, I think you get the idea once again of her diversity!

Grandmother Sakina, often communicates with ‘the ancestors’ at Palatki (ancient cliff dwellings) place of the Hopi Indians who still live in stone houses atop high mesas in the northeastern portion of Arizona. The Hopi still perform Sacred ceremonies their ancestors have done for thousands of years. Sakina has often and still continues to take people up to visit her adopted Hopi family.

If all of this hasn’t been enough for most people to accomplish let me also brag on her behalf about the following. Sakina Blue-Star, was featured as a Wisdom Keeper with the shamans of Hopi, Lakota, Blackfoot-Afro, Siberian, Inuit (Eskimo), Quechua and Garifuna (Arawak-Afo) heritage at the Omega Foundation in NY, and Omega in Austin, Texas in 2003. She was further acknowledged, in the County of Kildare, Ireland, in the spring of May 2004.

Now, to my dearest friend and wise woman, Sakina Blue-Star, I would like to offer these personal words of gratitude.

I say this from the bottom of my heart! Our wedding would never hold the same meaning it does today had you not agreed to drive from a complete State away to be our Medicine Person. For this reason alone, I will always love you!

Also, a big thanks to you for the Native American dress you gifted me with. It’s a keeper! Both my husband and I are very humbled by the numerous invitations to your home/museum. You have always made us both feel most welcome!

I will never forget the private prayers that you gave in Lakota/Cherokee at the Medicine Wheel, in Sedona, Arizona. (A location, I will refrain from publicly mentioning).

Mostly, Sakina, I want you to know that it is a true honor and privilege that our paths have come together in long friendship.

My thanks, Sakina! I’m delighted to have you as my ‘Special Guest’ at the Wigwam. I know your list of friends is miles long, but I know how much you always enjoy meeting new ones.

May the Great Spirit continue to watch over you!
– White Sparrow