sakina-bluestar-sedonaSakina Blue Star came to Sedona in 1983. From Rev. Stan Matrunick, a famous psychic artist, she learned to do spirit guide portraits with readings. Stan, a famous psychic artist, lived in Sedona between tours. For 50 years he travelled coast-to-coast sharing spiritual teachings, and doing portraits.

Today Sakina shares teachings and tales of her extended family in the Hopi, Lakota, Wampanoag and Apache nations. She does portraits of spirit guides, master teachers or galactic guardians with channeled messages from them, and offers Native American Wisdom Teachings, Vortex treks and Blessing Ceremonies.

The common values held by New Agers and the Native Americans have to do with attitudes toward the land, nature, reverence for all life, spirit communications, healing ceremonies, and the knowledge of UFOs and star people.

Jsakina-bluestarudy Fisher, a popular local minister of Cherokee heritage, had the Church of the Living God in Sedona in the 1980’s. At the end of her service, she would give each person an individual message. One Sunday, she told Sakina, “There’s a man standing next to you; a large man. He is holding up a gold watch on a chain.” Sakina recognized the description. It was her deceased husband. The watch had been given to his father by his mother as a wedding present.

Sakina’s first husband had died more than a year before her arrival in Sedona. She met Sundance, who became her second husband, at Alon and Alina’s. They were together for five years. One night Sundance woke Sakina up at 4:00 a.m. and said, “There’s a space ship out there!” He had been asleep but heard a voice saying Get up. Go to the window. Look up. He saw a bright light, ten times brighter than a star, just over the trees. As they watched, it grew smaller and disappeared. This was repeated three times.

sakinaportraitSakina says that Judy Fisher often saw UFOs outside of her apartment on Sunset Drive, or out in the canyons late at night. People would follow her hoping to see what she saw! Sometimes the ‘bright stars’ would move around erratically, disappear, or shoot off at great speed.

A lot of people saw UFOs back then. The Cherokee people say they come from the Seven Dancers, or Pleiades. According to the Hopis, their Kachinas, spirit guardians, came from the skies. Now some Native Americans are sharing their knowledge and their traditions, relating their connection to the Star People. Sakina speaks of these things as she travels and lectures.