Sedona as a Sacred Place

sakinabluestarSakina Blue Star, a local woman of Sioux, Choctaw-Cherokee and Scottish heritage, says the Sedona area, once called Nawanda, was traditionally sacred to all tribes of Turtle Island (North America). From all over the continent Native Americans would come for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to seek a vision of what the Great Spirit wanted for their lives.

The area was known as an interdimensional portal. Star People were said to have touched down in ancient times. It was easier for them to come and go here because of the special energies and frequencies. Native Americans kept their contact with other Galactic peoples secret for centuries but now some of them have begun to share their knowledge.

In ancient Lemurian times, Sakina says, Sedona was an island, the Crystal City of Light. People came even then for spiritual enlightenment and learning. Clearly, Sedona has been a center for spiritual seekers for a long time.

Since the New Age movement has no central organization, it is not possible to define the phrase in a way which will be acceptable to everyone. However, it can be loosely defined as referring to all of life as sacred and the experience of life as a spiritual journey.

Nicholas Mann, a British visitor trained in the European Geomantic Tradition, wrote a fascinating book called Sedona Sacred Earth, (1989) which details much of the history of the landscape. He studied its ley lines, power centers and vortices, native populations, mythologies, water courses, flora and fauna. Tracing out a series of sacred patterns among the rock formations which he called geometric landscape temples, he described many individual formations as representing guardians, telling the stories that were associated with them. In the book he drew a parallel with Glastonbury, England. I have felt that connection myself, having visited Glastonbury on four occasions.


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